Friday, February 5, 2016

Benjamin Franklin Quote S/R REDO

Ben Franklin describes how liberty is more important than temporary safety.
Franklin claimed that those who give up their essential liberties to gain a little safety do not deserve to have either. A college student in Texas named Andrea Hernandez was expelled for refusing to wear a locator tag while on campus. Hernandez explained her skepticism. In an interview with InfoWars, Hernandez said that, "I feel it's the implementation of the Mark of the Beast*. It's also an invasion of my privacy and my other rights.". Hernandez claimed that the locator tag infringed on her personal rights. The locator tag represented a bigger issue that she did not want to support. She did not want to support the idea of a force controlling where people are and knowing where they are. However, safety may seem more appealing over liberty in some situations. For example, the terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001 shocked people into wanting safety over everything. Scott Shane discussed the state of the minds of the American people in an article in the The New York Times. He explained how, “Shocked to watch nearly 3,000 die in a single, sprawling plot, many people were prepared to give up a little privacy and liberty so long as the counterterrorism bureaucracy promised them protection from a ruthless enemy.”. Many people were so panicked that they were completely willing to kowtow to the United States government in order to achieve a placebo of safety. At first glance, safety may seem like a top priority. It cannot be denied that safety is important. Safety is an important thing to many people, it is what improves the quality of life for most people. However, Thomas Jefferson once so wisely said, “I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.”. It is always more important to be free than safe. In conclusion, essential liberty is more important than safety because it is better to be in a situation of peril and freedom than a situation of safety and thralldom.

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